TruOps integrated risk management platform centralizes asset information and associated risks across the enterprise, allowing you to make the best use of your resources.

Why TruOps

Streamline your internal processes and empower your teams to manage risks. Improve resiliency, make smarter decisions, and realize ROI as soon as you go live. You want holistic insight into your risk environment. You get it with TruOps.

Immediate Value

Simplify your GRC implementation and realize an ROI as soon as you go live.

Actionable Insight

With the increasing complexity of managing digital risk, organizations are insisting on gaining transparency around cyber risk. TruOps delivers risk-based insights to help you make informed investment decisions and optimize your cyber risk initiatives.

Easy Deployment

Don’t wait for slow, complex, or long cycle implementation from legacy GRC providers. Opt for TruOps, an easily deployable cloud-based solution.

Simple Interface

Our simple-by-design interface makes critical information easy to find so you spend less time searching and more time managing your risks.

Risk Intelligence

Combine risk management with insider and external threat intelligence to give your enterprise a holistic view of risk and drive automated actions.

Regulation Readiness

You receive a pre-built pack based on industry standards and partnership with Unified Compliance Framework to keep up with changing regulations.

Fast. Simple. Effective.

Our solution can be deployed in as little as 10 days.
You can focus on normal business operations while we do the heavy lifting.

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Practical Experience Meets Real-World Need

With more than two decades of experience in security, governance, risk, and compliance, we recognized the need for a holistic cyber risk management platform that is simple to use and deploy, comes integrated with most common IT systems, and easily identifies potential threats. So we built TruOps.

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Software+ Promise

Our partnerships are about more than just great cyber risk solutions. We promise to provide expert consultative advice, seamless integration, and a highly responsive implementation team to address any challenges that arise along the way.
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A passionate team with more than 25 years of industry expertise providing consultative advice and a promise not to simply say “yes”


Dedicated resources to implement your solution and answer any questions you have

Managed Services

Easy implementation comes standard with our managed-services partner


Seamless integration that enables normal operations to continue with little or no disruption


Technology that is constantly evolving to align with risks associated with expanding your digital footprint


Largely configurable to support changing business needs, faster deployment, and speed to value