TruOps Multi-Tenant Client Management

Easily Extend TruOps Risk Management to Managed Service Providers

What is TruOps Multi-Tenancy?

TruOps’ multi-tenant functionality enables companies to quickly and securely extend TruOps’ integrated risk management capabilities to multiple independent tenant organizations that are collectively operating on a single TruOps instance. This functionality:

  • Enables partners and resellers to establish GRC-as-a-service business models
  • Creates a scalable, comprehensive, compliance platform that supports multi-instance, self-service configuration and use
  • Leverages TruOps’ “out-of-the-box” control and assessment frameworks
  • Provides unified platform capabilities while also delivering fully secure, by-instance data segregation and compartmentalization
  • Helps easily spin-up private-labeled, short-term assessment projects or long-term managed services engagements

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TruOps multi-tenant functionality offers a complete solution for organizations that oversee multiple independent operations. With TruOps, you can ensure security for individual business units, while still maintaining consolidated reporting and achieving maximum oversight. These services are ideal for:

  • Managed service providers (MSP/MSSP)
  • Large enterprises with multiple business units or subsidiaries
  • Private equity and operating companies
  • Corporate franchise organizations
  • Compliance advisory services


TruOps’ multi-tenancy capabilities are robust enough to manage your organizational risk through a single solution, but versatile enough to meet the needs of various employees, customers, and partners. Our leading technology:

  • Delivers out-of-the-box controls and assessment frameworks
  • Allows “click and copy” for easy copying of assessment content to new instances
  • Provides a flexible, pay-as-you-go cost structure
  • Enables white-label tenant instance model for reseller use
  • Fully secures at-rest and in-transit data
  • Delivers multi-layer dashboards: individual instance, CxO dashboards, and consolidated instance rollup
  • Enables flexible instance duration to meet every client need, addressing short-term projects to long-term managed services
  • Utilizes a rapid setup to easily copy organizational data from “parent-to-child” instances
  • Accommodates divergent configurations & risk scoring models


What if you could monitor and administer just one platform, rather than managing different technology stacks across various entities? With TruOps’ multi-tenant functionality, that’s exactly what you can do:

  • Provide a scalable compliance and cyber risk management delivery platform
  • View independent client dashboards or aggregated multi-tenant reporting
  • Easily stand-up new client instances with “click-and-copy” templates
  • Expedite solution delivery and achieve rapid ROI
  • Leverage internal compliance expertise more effectively
  • Create solution differentiation and secure a competitive advantage
  • Support multiple deployment structures, from short-term assessments to long-term managed services
  • Create new, incremental revenue opportunities
  • Expand the organization’s managed service solution portfolio
  • Enable a single consolidated view of organizational risk across divergent business units & risk scoring models
  • Manage all tenant instances from a single administrative “cockpit”

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TruOps Risk Management is configurable to align with the unique risk management needs of your organization. See for yourself how TruOps can help support your overall risk management strategy. Request a demo today.

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