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White Papers

Navigating the GRC Landscape in 2023: Trends and Strategies from TruOps

Navigating the GRC landscape in 2023 requires a tactical approach and a commitment to continuous improvement.

GLBA for Higher Education

GLBA compliance is evolving right now—are you? Our newest white paper outlines best practices for ensuring that higher education institutions are meeting GLBA requirements.

Automating and Integrating Risk Management: What You Need to Know

RCM automation capabilities includes fewer repetitive site checks, increased strategic risk awareness, improved workplace productivity for your entire team, and optimal organization-wide compliance.

Managing Regulatory Change and Compliance in 2022

In 2022 and beyond, successful organizations will implement a simplified process of capturing and managing regulatory change, and our newest white paper can guide you there.

Critical GRC Considerations for 2022

Disruption in business and technology environments can amplify the security risks facing every enterprise. Read our white paper for tips on how to address this issue in 2022.

5 Elements of an Effective Third-Party Risk Management Strategy

A breach or disaster in a partner organization can dramatically impact your reputation. Read our white paper for tips on how to address this issue.

The Rise of Remote Work: A New Era of Vulnerabilities

With remote work on the rise, companies need to be prepared to face the associated risks. Read our white paper for tips on how to address these threats.

4 Steps to Improve Enterprise Cyber Resilience

These 4 steps will help you ensure you’re ready for whatever cyberattack or security breach comes your way.

Security Strategy Planning Best Practices

Formalize your strategic program plan with the consistent approach and proven techniques outlined in this white paper.

Risk Management & Spreadsheets: Your Greatest Threat

Spreadsheets might be the single biggest threat to your organization’s sustainability. Download this eBook to see what your spreadsheets are costing you.

Beyond COVID-19: 7 Security Focal Points for 2021

Building a robust security footprint is critical for success in 2021. Read about seven focus points you should prioritize in the post-COVID-19 world.

GRC Commoditization

GRC represents a synergy between structured leadership, risk-reward balance, and organizational integrity. Together, they create a foundation for organizational effectiveness.

How the GDPR Helps U.S. Companies Up Their Data Protection Game

By studying the GDPR, organizations can learn to address top-of-mind risk management issues.

Predictive Prioritization Innovates Vulnerability Management

Predictive prioritization will enable you to take a proactive approach to vulnerability remediation.

Get Smarter (and Tougher) About Cyber Risk Management with Artificial Intelligence

The world is more digitally connected than ever before. The future of artificial intelligence in cyber risk management is now.

Three Key Areas for Achieving Cyber Resilience

All IT systems, critical infrastructure, business processes, and government and commercial organizations should have cyber resilience capabilities.

Thought Leaders Predict the Next Wave of GRC Focus Areas

This white paper details crucial GRC focus areas, including emergent technologies, regulatory environments, and other rising issues.

Keys to Risk Management Success

Best practices in this white paper will prepare you for today’s threats as well as prepare you for the cyber risk management needs of the future.

Managing Emerging Risk in the Modern Enterprise

Gaining visibility and control of internal and external risks is a top priority for corporations today. Use this guide to quickly identify and manage them.

Overcoming Cyber Risk Management Challenges

Organizations are investing more resources in risk management technology. This white paper is a roadmap to get started.

Industry Briefs

Experience the Ultimate in
Risk Control

TruOps is a powerful governance, risk, and compliance platform that transforms your traditional siloed risk functions into a comprehensive Risk Operations Center.


TruOps GRC for Financial Services

Read our financial services industry brief to find out why companies are turning to TruOps to mitigate their compliance and risk management threats.


Product Info

Integrated Risk Management

Our comprehensive, cloud-based cyber risk management platform is the right choice to overcome external threats or inefficient internal processes.


Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management is a powerful automation and analytics platform to manage, monitor, and mitigate vendor risks.


Use Cases

MSSP Use Case

How to Reduce Compliance and Risk Workload to Increase Cybersecurity Revenue for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).


Private Equity Firms Use Case

Reduce the Risk, Cost, and Chaos of Extending Governance, Risk, and Compliance to Portfolio Companies.


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