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SDG TruOps Launches Integrated Cyber and Business Risk Management Service with Advanced Clinical Stage Biopharmaceutical Company

October 26, 2022

NORWALK, Conn., October 26, 2022 – SDG TruOps, a global cybersecurity, identity governance, GRC, risk consulting and advisory firm, announced today that it has implemented an integrated cyber security, risk, and compliance management solution with a New York based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company.

The client needed an integrated software platform and service to manage their SOX business controls, cybersecurity controls, and IT operations. SDG delivered this comprehensive integrated service as a single pane of glass by utilizing its Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services in conjunction with the SDG TruOps Cyber Risk SaaS platform. This approach delivered exactly what the client needed – a holistic view of their security, risk, and compliance posture.

Comprised of tightly integrated modules, the TruOps Cyber Risk management platform is a flexible, easy-to-deploy and operate, cloud-based SaaS solution. TruOps reduces risk management complexity, streamlines the risk and compliance assessment process, and delivers comprehensive, real-time efficacy of controls across the internal organization and its extended third-party environment.

Working closely with its biopharmaceutical client as a trusted advisor and technology-based managed services provider, SDG delivered a wide range of highly integrated cyber security and IT services:

  • Management of the client’s security controls and cloud technology infrastructure from SDG’s global SOC and NOC
  • Deployment and management of the client’s Azure/Office 365 environment
  • Implementation and, 24/7 monitoring of the client’s cyber security controls
  • The configuration, deployment, and security monitoring of network and end-user devices

As a result, the client can manage their SOX and cyber risk posture using a single platform, bridging the gap that has traditionally existed between risk management policies and the efficacy of controls, ensuring audit-readiness, regulatory compliance, and real-time awareness of business risk across the organization.

The client’s Chief Administration Officer stated, “SDG has been a great technology and business partner helping us establish a robust technology network that links our business control framework with our regulatory and audit compliance. In addition, the SDG Security Operations Center provides 24/7 cyber security monitoring of our technology infrastructure…functionality vital to the protection and security of our advanced technology research and operational systems.”

“We see this project as a milestone in SDG’s ability to deliver operational IT security and regulatory compliance awareness, real-time visibility of cyber risk and, most importantly, real-time insight regarding the business implications of that risk,” stated Ajay Gupta, President, and Chief Executive Officer of SDG.


About TruOps

TruOps is a global provider of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), and cyber risk management software and managed service solutions that enable organizations to identify, report, manage, and mitigate enterprise-wide IT and regulatory cyber risk. For TruOps clients, that means confidence and assurance in their ability to make informed risk decisions and securely grow their business.

To learn how TruOps helps organizations mitigate cyber risks and protect cyber assets, visit www.truops.com


About SDG

SDG is a global IT risk management and cybersecurity solutions provider. SDG services and SaaS solutions deliver a comprehensive range of identity, cybersecurity, GRCaaS, and cloud security capabilities that enable organizations to identify and mitigate cyber risk, protect cyber assets, and grow their business securely.

To learn how SDG can help ensure the security and compliance of your technology and data infrastructure visit: www.sdgc.com and www.truops.com


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