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Cybersecurity Solutions Partner Deploys TruOps for Multi-Tenant Use

October 15, 2021

Maximizing Cybersecurity with TruOps Multi-Tenant Services

A leading cybersecurity partner of TruOps is utilizing the full capabilities and extending TruOps’ functionality to their clients using TruOps Tenant Service features. TruOps Tenant Service capabilities support the fully secure use of a single instance of TruOps by multiple tenants.

TruOps multi-tenant capabilities enable a consolidated view of organizational risk across divergent business units & risk scoring models and provide a secure and scalable platform to perform compliance and risk assessments required by multiple organization types: Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), franchise organizations, compliance advisory services, state and local governments, and enterprise organizations that require federated compliance management across multiple business units. TruOps Tenant Services capabilities also support an extremely flexible pricing structure that accommodates both short-term and long-term tenant relationships.

TruOps Tenant Service: A Scalable Solution for Diverse Organizations

Leveraging the TruOps multi-tenant service functionality, the service provider has established a scalable compliance delivery solution that supports the rapid stand-up of client instances allowing the service provider to manage compliance expertise more effectively. In addition to expediting solution delivery to the service provider’s client base, TruOps multi-tenant functionality supports multiple deployment structures—from short-term assessments to longer-term managed services engagements.


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