Turn your cyber risk into a strategic advantage.

Drive secure decisions with the TruOps integrated GRC platform.

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Built for MSP's by GRC Experts!

A single platform, for all your client assessment and compliance needs.


Achieving Optimal GRC Maturity: Trends and Best Practices for 2023 and Beyond

On Wednesday, April 12, at 11:30AM ET, TruOps and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions will share the benefits of GRC technology innovations and solutions.


TruOps SaaS Platform Recognized as Technology Leader in 2022 SPARK Matrix™ for IT Risk Management (ITRM)

TruOps' comprehensive cyber risk management solution was recognized in the 2022 SPARK Matrix for its modular, integrated, and intuitive approach towards GRC and cybersecurity automation. Read more


Gartner Magic Quadrant for Risk Management

As a Notable Mention in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, TruOps is recognized for its industry-leading solution and its dedicated support to end-users throughout the term of a contract.

Integrated Risk Management

Streamline your internal processes and empower your teams to manage risks. Improve resiliency, make smarter decisions, and realize ROI as soon as you go live. You want holistic insight into your risk environment. You get it with TruOps.

Immediate Value

ROI from day 1

Actionable Insight

Meaningful data to drive risk initiatives

Fast Deployment

Zero downtime from consultation to implementation

Simple Interface

Intuitive design for ease of use

Complete Visibility

A holistic view of your risk environment

Regulation Ready

Compliance requirements out of the box

All-in-One Dashboard

TruOps Dashboard
Risk-based insights to help you make informed investment decisions and optimize your cyber risk initiatives.
Critical information is easy to find, so you spend less time searching and more time managing your risks.
Largely configurable to support changing business needs, faster deployment, and speed to value.
Combine risk management with insider and external threat intelligence to give your enterprise a holistic view of risk and drive automated actions.

“TruOps’ user interface is straightforward, with key functions made readily available via a persistent navigation widget. The functionality is simple and easy to follow.”


“TruOps is a new breed of an intuitive IT GRC solution that delivers significant business value and brings a contextual understanding of IT risk and controls within organizations.”

GRC 20/20

“TruOps has allowed us to proactively identify compliance issues through its integrated ITRM approach and has helped transform my RISC team operations from a fire fighting mode into a value-driving operation.”

Global Information Security Officer

“The TruOps solution is completely user-focused and able to satisfy the most complex requirements.”

Technology Risk DirectorFinance Industry

“TruOps' dashboards and reporting will allow us to not only track progress, but also provide visibility into progress, lack of progress, or issues identified and provide that information to our Executives.”

Sr Manager – IT Compliance

“It was great working with the TruOps team and implementing the risk management module. The tool helped us in meeting our continuous changing business landscape and providing excellent executive-level reporting.”

Head of IT & Security Risk ManagementFortune 5 Global Financial Services Company

“TruOps empowers business leaders to leverage deep insights and provide a holistic understanding of their organization’s threat surface.”

CIO Review

“TruOps demonstrated an understanding of our business model and offered the flexibility to configure and work in a modular approach, allowing us to incorporate these changes slowly across the enterprise.”

Sr Director of ERM, Security and ComplianceRetail Industry

“After TruOps installation, we were able to successfully launch the SOX cycle with an expected smoother process this year”

IT Program Manager

“This tool has increased the Compliance team efficiency with workflow, self-assessments being completed by asset owners, and the evidence repository being contained within. It will make it easier to find evidence for other audits.”

Sr Manager- IT Compliance

“Completely user focused, able to satisfy the most complex requirements. Always collaborative to understand the need behind a request, hence being able to satisfy the real ask”

Technology Risk DirectorA Financial Services Organization

“TruOps - was able to demonstrate understanding of our business model and offered the flexibility to configure and work in a modular approach, allowing us to incorporate these changes slowly across the enterprise. The consulting strength was also an area of consideration, and we were very pleased with what the team brought to the project implementation.”

Sr DirectorERM, Security & Compliance
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