Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Consolidate disparate information and relationships to enable intelligent and automated choices with TruOps’ Risk-Based Vulnerability Management solution. We process information through risk-based workflows—assigning tasks, sending notifications, and creating escalation levels at appropriate junctures. With TruOps, your security function will benefit from enhanced visibility, analytics, action, and metrics.

Vendor Risk Management

Automate and streamline oversight of vendor relationships. Perform due diligence to the vendor risk management process. Rely on TruOps’ Vendor Risk Management module to assess, monitor, and report on third parties—enabling you to manage risk and make more informed decisions. Do more with TruOps, including issue management with third parties, and create reports for executive leadership and the board. Keep a risk inventory of vendors so you always have their status at your fingertips.

Risk Management

Integrate risk management processes with TruOps’ Risk Management solution. Leverage conditional questions and a scenarios engine to identify risks. Maintain a controls and risks library, conduct risk assessments, and produce high-level reports or interactive dashboards. The TruOps platform empowers everyone, and every process involved in risk management. Get a consolidated and clear view of risk that allows you to prioritize risks, efficiently deploy resources to address the most critical problems, and elevate risk management as a new source of competitive advantage.

Issue Management

Automate identification, planning, and response processes with TruOps’ Issue Management solution. Utilize this module to manage plans and actions, and to allocate appropriate resources to resolve issues on time. TruOps gives you all the tools necessary to provide upper management with fast, accurate views of real-time events. The module also enables you to direct the right issue to the right individual at the right time.

Exception Management

Reduce the risk of compliance violations with TruOps’ Exception Management solution. Replicate and automate existing processes to save user time and effort. The powerful exception management framework automates all policy exception cycles, including exception reviews, escalations, approvals, and renewals.

Compliance Management

Take control of the complete compliance lifecycle and enhance governance of compliance-related activities with TruOps’ Compliance Management solution. Our compliance software makes it easy to manage and meet requirements. TruOps offers a full content library of cross-mapped controls that is managed and updated continually. Controls can be assessed based on their design and effectiveness. TruOps will determine the overall compliance score for an organization utilizing responses to control questions and evidence.