In this post-pandemic world, remote work is more common than ever. In fact, more employees are searching for jobs where they can work from home. Unfortunately, remote work involves more security risks than companies might realize.

One important step organizations can take is investing in staff training. Equipping your team to correctly identify and properly respond to potential online threats can reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack. By increasing their knowledge and preparedness, employees can become the first line of defense against security breaches.

Here at TruOps, we turn your cyber risk into a strategic advantage. Download our white paper for more strategies for reducing the risks posed by remote work.



TruOps is a comprehensive, cloud-based cyber risk management platform. As an industry leader in GRC best practices, TruOps provides expert consultative advice, seamless integration, and a highly responsive implementation team to meet clients’ needs and mitigate risk in an increasingly technology-based society. 

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