To protect your organization’s critical assets, both your business and security teams need to understand where your information lives, whether inside or outside. Identify the most important information and applications, where that information resides, and who has or may need access to it. This enables you to understand which areas of your business’ security program are most vulnerable to attack. Get a deeper, comprehensive understanding of your corporate vulnerabilities by downloading this white paper.

Internal Threats
The 2013 Snowden case, when an NSA contractor leaked classified information to the public, is an excellent example of malicious attacks from within. More recently, UK-based software provider Sage Group experienced a breach when an employee used an internal login without authorization. Whether they’re intentional or accidental, insider threats are even more prevalent than outsider threats. Organizations have failed to understand the importance of internal threats for far too long, and this risk will only increase if it isn’t immediately addressed.

Cloud Computing
Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud computing providers because of several potential advantages, including significantly less initial investment, fewer skilled internal IT resources, and lower operating costs. However, for all the intended benefits, cloud services raise security risks and regulatory challenges because personal information and intellectual property can cross borders. Since not every country has stringent rules around information protection, security, and privacy, adhering to the regulations that come with cloud computing services can be daunting. Additionally, there are some concerns regarding the core security practices that cloud providers follow.

Once you understand where your information resides, assessing the threat landscape and developing predictive models can highlight your real exposures. Download our white paper to learn more about emerging threats—and the steps you can take to manage them.

To manage these risks and others, it’s important to know your program’s weaknesses and get ahead of both the internal and external threats to your network, information, and brand. Schedule a TruOps demo to see how our all-in-one dashboard prevents costly security breaches by keeping you apprised of risks in real time.

Meetali Sharma

Meetali Sharma

Meetali is an award-winning and industry-recognized subject-matter expert in Risk Management, measuring the effectiveness of controls and maintaining and improving strategic management systems and internal control structures around information security. She also has extensive experience in managing Audit Programs & establishing Incident Management Systems. Meetali's expertise has been featured by several industry-leading influencers, including IT Next and dynamicCISO.


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