By establishing a TruOps cyber risk management solution, a premium e-commerce brand streamlined processes that reduced unnecessary spending and saved more than $100,000 in annual costs. By automating its PCI compliance assessments, the client increased the efficiency of its risk and compliance team by 70%.

The company‘s primary mission is to make positive changes to customers’ skin health—but it also allows its customers to expand their professional opportunities by becoming independent consultants. With this consultant base growing exponentially, the company realized it had a business imperative to implement an integrated GRC solution and streamline its disjointed risk management processes. The executive team began a search for a solution that would address these deficiencies:

  • Absence of a central repository for maintaining company policies, questions, and controls
  • Reliance on a single Excel file by multiple teams and application owners to provide assessment responses
  • Utilization of manual PCI compliance assessments and reporting that resulted in errors and inconsistencies
  • Loss of productivity due to redundant processes and unavailability of shareable and reusable components
  • Inability to track delays and leakages
  • Lack of correlation between company policies and regulatory mandates

After conducting a thorough assessment, TruOps recommended deploying an integrated GRC solution. As an end-to-end risk management solution, the TruOps platform enabled the skincare company to be proactive in assessing, identifying, and mitigating risk by leveraging a single, easy-to-use interface.

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By entering a partnership with TruOps, the company implemented a series of crucial solutions.

Modules Leveraged: Compliance Management & Issues/Exception Management

To see the full set of benefits the TruOps solution provided, read the case study here.

Ultimately, the company strengthened its culture of business ownership because the TruOps dashboard allowed for more efficient, streamlined processes—without sacrificing compliance and security. Schedule a demo today to learn how TruOps can maintain a safe environment for your customers by quickly identifying risks and policy breaches that threaten your success.

Puneet Mehta

Puneet Mehta

Puneet is an industry-recognized leader with a core experience in planning, designing, and executing global Cybersecurity & Risk programs. Puneet has represented his rich cybersecurity experience in books, papers, and executive briefings. He is a trusted advisor in designing, building, and operating large-scale and cutting-edge security platforms in complex and fast-paced environments.


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