A global leader in the freight rail and passenger transit industry realized its current framework was lacking and could potentially put the organization at risk. Their manual, disjointed approach to conducting SOX assessments created information silos and made it difficult to efficiently track delays and leakages. By implementing the TruOps dashboard to streamline internal processes, the company was able to simplify tracking and reporting functionalities and increase its risk and compliance team’s efficiency by 50%.

The client specializes in providing innovative products and services that help customers meet their needs for safety, productivity, and efficiency. In order to maintain success, the company knew it needed to launch a smoother SOX cycle.

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Since the compliance team used spreadsheets to manually calculate assessment responses, it did not have access to dashboards and reporting functionality that could facilitate SOX workflow visibility and increase productivity. In preparation for 2019 SOX assessments, the client brought in TruOps to evaluate its current processes and determine the next steps—which resulted in these solutions:

Modules Leveraged: Compliance Management & Issues/Exception Management

TruOps met with the compliance team to gain an in-depth understanding of the organization’s SOX strategy, as well as to become familiar with legacy technologies and processes. For a firsthand look at the one-on-one attention TruOps offers, schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our industry experts today.

Puneet Mehta

Puneet Mehta

Puneet is an industry-recognized leader with a core experience in planning, designing, and executing global Cybersecurity & Risk programs. Puneet has represented his rich cybersecurity experience in books, papers, and executive briefings. He is a trusted advisor in designing, building, and operating large-scale and cutting-edge security platforms in complex and fast-paced environments.


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